A cohesive team!

"Tits" Just look at the shape of the glass to know what they are talking about 2 young people passionate about ... beer have probed the bunch to design the Tits, out of tank a little over a year ago. shape of the glass is not enough to soak your lips? Tell you that 50% of profit is donated to Belgian associations that fund research against breast cancer! " Festival Bierez-vous

We are two: Guillaume LEYENS, from HEC in Liège and Laurent JANSSEN, from Gramme to Liège and L.S.M. in Louvain-la-Neuve. Encountered through sport when we were only a few years old, it is above all a story of friendship that gave the dream team of the Tits!

Like all the beautiful business stories all started very simply, almost 5 years ago, in a small kitchen of Chaineux by a few liters. Because of our studies, we did not have either a brewery training and it was on the job and by passion that we learned by ourselves the magic of brewing. This learning was long and complicated but with perseverance we arrived at our ultimate goal: to have a perfectly balanced beer that we really liked! From the beginning, our priority was to have a finished product and succeed!